Daily levels

as expected in last session nifty moved upward till 7950 and there on it reversed and consolidated whole day around 7880-7930 range 
Now it looks like some kind of wave 3 or 5 was completed at yesterdays high and nifty now preparing for good fall at least 200-400 points in coming session ,By seeing the graph nifty most probably completed its up move or only one top above yesterdays high was pending.


Nifty preparing for fall of minimum 200-400 points as explained above.
So, longs need to to be exited at these levels as have to create short position for next month a explained above
Levels to watch on upside 7950 8000 8080 which will act as a strong resistance on upside
Levels to watch on downside 7870 7830 7800 which will act as a strong support on downside

Daily levels: 

Nifty started some kind of impulse from the the levels of 7517 and there on it continued its up move till last session without any reasonable correction in between and  last session it gave correction within 15 minutes of market opening
It seems like some kind of wave 3 maybe completed at 7909 level on last session and from there it corrected around 70-80 points which may be wave 4 and nifty currently in wave 5.And wave 5 can go maximum up-to 8010,without breaking 7843 level to became wave 5


 Expecting nifty to continue its upward journey for time being as explained above.
Level to watch on upside  7950 7980 8050 8080 which will act as a strong resistance
Level to watch on downside  7830 7750 7670 7600 which will act as a strong support on downside                  
Buy nfty at cmp 7885 with stoploss of 7665
target 7900-7910-7940(all spot levels)


from the year 2000 bhel started it upward journey and there went to 600 levels n the year 2008 and from there it was started correction. Bigger wave 1 may be completed at 600 and from there bhel may be in wave 2 till now and within wave 2 it has already completed its wave a, wave b and wave also may be completed.So now according to ewt bhel have to start its wave 3 to cross its life time high 600 levels


As explained above bhel has completed its wave 1 and wave 2 and wave 3 has to be start from these levels 
so now bhel can be brought for long term prospective at these level for 3-4 years time view expecting a arget of above 600 and sl must be below 98-90 levels

Jet airways:

jet airways achieved its 540 on 2014 December and from there went again went to 250 levels and from there on it again started its upward journey and achieved 800 levels which is life time high till now
it must be wave 1 completed at 540 and from there it may be wave which went to the levels of 250 and from there it may may wave started which still in progress 
Within wave 3 it looks like it may already completed its wave 1,2,3,4 and it has now currently in wave 5 of bigger wave 3 to cross at least 800 levels


AS explained above currently jet airway is at a good risk reward range one can buy jet airway at current price for at least 6mnts to 1 year view and can expect minimum target of above 800 levels with the stop loss below the start of inner wave 5 which  lies around 400-450 levels

Tata steel: CMP 332

Tata steel made a low of around 30 on 2001
and then it was started its upward journey 
and that up move got finished at 956 level
on 2008 before the the recession and then 
after it came down till 135 level within 
short time period and after hitting 135 it didn't revisited that level and see the wave 
pattern it seems like some type of correction is going on

According to eloit wave theory it must be some kind of impulse was completed at 956
which may be wave 1 or 3 and from there it
is in correction phase and within correction it may be completed its bigger wave "A"and currently 
in bigger wave B and within this wave B it has already completed small a and b was almost completed or near to complete  now c to come which must have to cross the top of wave a and after that it will fall below the bigger  A to complete bigger wave C

CONCLUSION:   Tata steel completed first impulse at 956 which    must probably wave 1 and  now in  correction and with in  correction  now it have to show above 740 levels to complete its      inner wave    c  as explained above 

 So, now tata steel can be brought at these levels and until 200 levels keeping 135 as stop-loss and can expect a target of above 740 within 3-5 year

April 16

From Feb  budget day onwards nifty started its upward journey till march expiry and made a high of 7777 and from there on nifty saw some signs of fall on the start of April series. it was looked like  nifty has lost its steam and will give some correction or may say the profit booking will happen before any rise,but nifty failed to sustain at lower levels and bounced sharply without breaking 7500 levels
There are only 8 trading session left in this expiry we expected a good correction in this expiry but nifty saw an unexpected move from last three sessions and went up almost 350 points from the low done in this expiry,it may be due to the news flow about the good rain forecast and the good cpi number what ever it may be  till now it looks like nifty will give more 50-200 points maximum on upside and then nifty can give good selling opportunity which was postponed

According to eloit wave theory it may be wave it may be wave "1" completed at 7094 and from there it may be wave 2 completed at 6969 and from there on nifty started its upward journey towards 7777 with just one profit booking at around 7600 levels,it may be wave 3 completed at 7777 level and from 7777 nifty fell upto 7517 which most probably wave 4.And now nifty in last impulse that is wave 5 of the complete up move and from there it can decline to complete its bigger wave two before next impulse.


Nifty almost to complete its upmove and after complition of tis upmovr it can good decline brfore further rise.But  the when the upmove will going to complete that cannot be predicted 
so,it s better to stay away from market in current stuation and preserving capital for the right time to enter in any positional trade

14 April 16---22 April 16 

Shortest week (which had only three working sessions ) for the month of April had passed away, From the starting of this series nifty followed as expected earlier but in this week nifty suddenly turned its mood and reversed from 7500 levels and gave almost around 350 points till now.

From next week onward nifty may continue its upward journey for some time and then it will give good risk reward shorting opportunity.


next week nifty  may give some direction for short term or for the last and expiry week of this months 
weekly levels to watch on upside 7950-8000 which will act as strong resistance for next week

weekly levels to watch on downside 7666-7510  which will act as strong support for next week

INVESTOR- The one who studies economy growth and the future exceptions and then risks his /her for long term perspective say if some someone seeing good economy growth and potential for next 3-5 years then he/she puts money for 3-5 years to gain some money.

TRADER- The one who speculates or finds very short term moves by seeing graphs and by using any other instrument say if someone seeing that for next some days market will follow the previous trend then he/she put money in the market to get some quick gains.
Hello friends i am going to discuss most simple thing of stock market.Markets always moves in three directions,most of all know the the two direction that is up and down and the other one is sideways.Sideways refers as a direction in which market moves continuously in a particular range,and most of the time market moves in sideways because investors and trader most of the time cannot conclude a single direction.